Too Manyi (formerly known as Alex Manyi) is a Germany based DJ and Producer of electronic music. 


After he had his first lessons in electronic music production and mixing in the UK, he from there on started to spread his sound in the famous city of London and in Germany. Influenced by various genres, he is continuously developing his sense for deep and pumping sounds. Countless nights of dance floor euphoria and his admiration for the legacy of dance music steadily increased Too Manyi´s desire to contribute his ideas to the electronic music scene and made him a passionate DJ of getting people party to driving rhythms.


Too Manyi is known for his unique sound and his open-minded approach to music. While his tracks vary from deep and dark Techno tracks to rather groovy and edgy Tech House tunes, which you would expect to find at locations like Ibiza, he is also known for his pumping and exciting sets, which always offer a unique experience to his listeners. 


Special skills:

DJ and Producer Award @ Point Blank London