Here you can find news about Too Manyis´s current music. Take a little break and enjoy a live mixed DJ set or listen to Too Manyis´s latest tracks.

Not bound to a specific genre, Too Manyi´s sound is still focused on electronic music. While his tracks vary from deep, pumping tracks with driving rhythms to relaxed beats with groovy and funky drums, he is always looking for new inspiration to further develop his sound.


Whether you´re just relaxing at the beach or preparing yourself for the next rave, you certainly will find the right tune in this section.

Wondering what Too Manyi´s performance sounds in real life? Looking for fresh tracks or just wanting to get back in party mood? Just take a moment and listen to Too Manyi´s live mixed DJ sets. 

All sets are within the Tech House & Techno Genre and were recorded at live events or during jam-sessions. The sets vary from Warmups to high-energetic club sets and offer always an unique and special sound. Enjoy!